The Friends of Israel Disabled Veterans helps raise funds for Beit Halochem in the United States.

Halochem was established in 1949 to provide rehabilitation and assistance to the 6,000 veterans who were injured in Israel's War of Independence. Unfortunately, the membership in this organization has grown to over 50,000 disabled heroes wounded during their active or reserve services or through acts of terror. Beit Halochem continues to provide assistance to its members for their lifetime.

Beit Halochem rehab centers provide a vast range of sports and cultural activities suited to the members' individual disabilities. Each center also offers a wide choice of social and creative activities for members and their families. The athletes produced by Beit Halochem are serious competitors in the world arena often winning medals at the Paralympic games.

For more information about the Friends of Israel Disabled Veterans, visit their website at www.fidv.org.